Project - Collab



Blind Mans Band: w. Claus Poulsen + guests (improv) (Listen)(Watch)

Christian Rønn Solo: (organ, würlitzer, piano, electro-acoustics)(Listen)

Christian Rønn / Ikue Mori: "Chordis et Machina" (LP)(Listen)

Christian Rønn / Martin Lau Duo (voice art/improv)(Watch)

Eva Sidén/Christian Rønn Duo (Watch)

Ganga: Downtempo Electronica Soloproject (Listen)

Panser: With Peter Peter (LP)  (electro/punkrock)(Listen)

Prox: w. Jørgen Teller (Listen)

Randi Pontoppidan & Christian Rønn (improv/electronics)(Listen)

TROLN: (Liebgott, Navne, Olsen, Rønn) (cinematic slow)(Listen)

Filmscore Highlights: (Watch)

Fritz Langs Metropolis. Music performed live at Roskilde Festival 2004 with Hanne Boel and Ganga Cinema Orchestra. New score in 2015, based on live-recordings from Roskilde 2004, as well as music by Brian Eno, In the Nursery, Portishead and Massive Attack. 

Sergei Eisensteins Battleship Potemkin. Live Score by Christian Rønn / Peter Peter. Performed live on Roskilde Festivals Arena Stage, Metropol Stage and in Store Vega (CPH). Read reviews of the DVD in the reviewsection.