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Christian Rønn: Composer, performer, producer – electronic music, free improv, experimental musical projects, film music. Curates Spir festival.

Masters in Organ from The Royal Danish Academy Of Music in Copenhagen // studies in improvisation with Anders Bondeman in Stockholm.



Christian Rønn Solo: (Churchorgan, Wurlitzer Piano, Electronics)

Prox: With Jørgen Teller (freeform electronics/noise)

Panser: With Peter Peter (psychedelic electro/art-rock)

Ganga: Electronic Downtempo Soloproject - feat. on over 200 compilations, 7 solo albums, EPs and 12”

Carbon Copy with Claus Poulsen (Drone - freeform)

Troln: with H. Navne, H. Liebgott, T. Olsen (alt. rock)

Polar Rundfunk: With Berry Sode & Annemarie Zikakoff

Blind Mans Band w. Claus Poulsen/Kevin Angboly (free improv)

Christian Rønn / Martin Lau Duo (Voice Art/Free Electronics)


Filmscore Highlights:

Fritz Langs Metropolis. Score Performed live at Roskilde Festival 2004 with Hanne Boel. Contributed on new score from 2015 as Ganga alongside Brian Eno, Portishead and Massive Attack.

Sergei Eisensteins Battleship Potemkin. Live Score by Christian Rønn / Peter Peter. Performed live on Roskilde Festivals Arena Stage, Metropol Stage and in Store Vega (CPH). The DVD release received rave reviews in all major film magazines.